Main Maize Research Station, Godhra




  1. To develop high yielding, early-medium maturing, biotic and abiotic tolerant genotypes for rainfed kharif cultivation.
  2. To develop high yielding full-season biotic and abiotic resistant hybrids for winter maize cultivation.
  3. To identify/develop speciality corn, Sweet corn, Baby corn, Popcorn and High corn oil
  4. Breeding varieties/hybrids of Quality Protein Maize suited to tribal belt of Gujarat state where malnutrition problems among tribal population exists.
  5. Identification of maize genotypes of recommended varieties/hybrids for kharif and rabi seasons.
  6. To develop production technology of recommended varieties / hybrids for kharif and rabi season.
  7. To produce Breeder seed of released varieties/hybrids.
  8. To disseminate and popularize generated technologies through extension education and Front Line Demonstration.