Faculty of Agriculture



  • Board of Studies of the subjects of Crop Production.
  • Board of Studies of the subjects of Plant Science.
  • Board of Studies of the subjects of Plant Protection.
  • Board of Studies of the Basic and Social Science subjects.
Sr No. Name Designation As
1. Dean & Princiapal............................................................................. President
Dr. K.P. Patel Principal and Dean Chairman
2. Associate Dean……
-- -- --
3. Heads of the departments of the faculty……
Dr. M.V. Patel Professor of Agronomy Member
Dr. H.C. Patel Professor of Horticulture Member
Dr. V.R. Bhatt Professor of Chemistry Member
Dr. R.N. Pandey Professor of Pl.Pathology Member
Dr. R.C. Jhala Professor of Entomology Member
Dr. G.C. Jadeja Professor of Pl. Breeding Member
Dr. Y.C. Zala Professor Ag. Economics Member
Dr. N.B. Chauhan Professor of Extension Education Member
Dr. S.K. Dixit Professor of Ag. Statistics Member
Dr. Vyas Pandey Professor of Ag. Meteorology Member
Dr. R. Bhatnagar Professor of Biochemistry Member
Dr. B.A. Patel Professor of Nematology Member
Dr. R.V. Vyas Professor of Microbiology Member
Dr. R.S.Fougat Professor of Agril. Biotechnology Member
4. Director of Research and Dean Faculty of P.G. Studies….
Dr. K.B.Kathiria Director of Research & Dean, P.G. Studies Member
5. Director of Extension Education…..
Dr. P.P. Patel Director of Extension of Education Member
6. Principal of approved affiliated Institutions……
-- -- --
7. Professor and its equivalent member except from Head of the departments of the faculty
Dr. V.V.Sonani (Agronomy) Asso.Res.Sci., Vadodara Member
Dr. K.P. Patel (Ag.Chemistry) Res.Sci.(P), ICAR Unit-9 Member
Dr. R.N. Pandey (Pl. Pathology) Prof. of Pl.Pathology Member
Dr. D.M. Korat (Ag.Entomology) Res.Sci., ICAR, Unit-9 Member
Dr. A.M. Mehta (Pl. Breeding) Res.Sci., Nawagam Member
Dr. J.G. Talati (Biochemistry) Res.Sci.(P) BACA Member
8. Two Associate Professors/ Associate Research Scientists/ Associate Extension Educationists (Decided on the basis of experience and merit by Vice Chancellor from the concerned faculty through rotation
Dr. M.S. Jakasaniya (Ag. Chemistry) Res.Sci.(P) Arnej Member
Dr. P.R. Vaishnav (Ag.Statistics) Professor (P) BACA Member
9. Two Assistant Professors/Assistant Research Scientists/ Assistant Educationists (decided on the basis of experience and merit by Vice Chancellor from the concerned faculty) through rotation
Dr. J.J. Jani Asstt.Res.Sci. ICAR Unit-9 Member
Dr. V.P. Ramani (Ag.Chemistry) Asstt.Res.Sci. ICAR Unit-9 Member
10. Deputy Registrar, Anand Agricultural University…….Member Secretary
-- Deputy Registrar, AAU Member Secretary