Director of Students' Welfare




Director of Students' Welfare
(Professor & Head)
(Department of Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology)
Anand Agricultural University, Anand
Phone: (02692) 264688
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Dr. M. N. Brahmbhatt is an alumnus of Gujarat Agricultural University and having experience of more than twenty years regarding teaching, research and extension in the field of Veterinary Science especially Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology. He has a long association of more than two decades with the students’ activities. He has worked as a student member in the Students’ Representative Council during his undergraduate study (1982-1987). He has also worked a staff advisor in the Students’ Representative Council for more than ten years handling various activities of the students. He has also had a long association and experience to work as a Chairman, Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of College of Veterinary Science & A.H. from 2005 to till date.


Ø EDUCATION  (Gujarat Agricultural University)

ü    B. V. Sc & A.H. (1987),         M. V. Sc.  (1990),       Ph. D. (1999)

Ø EMPLOYMENT RECORD ( College of Veterinary Sci. & A.H., Anand )

ü    Professor and Head                : 01/04/2011

ü    Associate Professor                 : 13/10/2005 to 31/03/2011         

ü    Assistant professor                  : 09/03/1994 to 12/10/2005      

ü    Senior Research Assistant       : 25/09/1987 to 08/03/1994    


ü    PG Students guided: 22        (M. V. Sc. – 19           Ph. D. – 03)


ü  Received “FELLOW” Award of Indian Association of Veterinary Public Health Specialists

ü  Received “Dr. S.P. Singh Best Research Paper Award” in the Journal of Veterinary Public Health, for the year 2009.

ü  Organized National Symposium on “Horizons of Veterinary Public Health in Augmenting Veterinary, Medical and Environmental Health.” at Veterinary College, AAU, Anand during November 29th - 30th, 2007

ü  Member of State Level Task force committee for strategic control of Cremian Congo Haemorragic Fever (CCHF), Tuberculosis and Leptospirosis outbreak in Gujarat State.

ü  Acted as Co-Organizing secretary of  ICAR sponsored All India AGRIUNIFEST - 2011 During 17-21, January 2011

ü  Acted as Co-Organizing secretary of  National Conference on “Cow based health, agriculture

ü   and environment” During 19 - 20, February 2012

ü  Executive Member of Indian Association of Veterinary Public Health Specialists

(2002-2005, 2008-2012)

ü  Joint Secretary, Indian Association of Veterinary Public Health Specialists (2012 to till date)

ü  Acted as Member of executive committee of Gujarat Veterinary Association.

ü  Acted as Executive Committee member of  All Gujarat Veterinarian’s Social Security Trust

ü  Nominated as Academic Counselor for Diploma program in Meat Technology(DMT)

Program supported by Ministry of Food Processing Industries Govt. of India run by the School of Agriculture, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

Dr. M. N. Brahmbhatt has published 40 Research Papers in different National/International Journals. He had presented more than 80 research abstracts in different National and International seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ conventions/ Symposium/ Congress. He has also published 37 technical papers in English and Regional language for farmers and field veterinarians. He has also attended more than 35 International and National conferences and seminars as well as more than 10 summer institutes / Short Training Courses. He has also written a Chapter in Book “Environmental Security: Human and Animal Health

Also working as member of editorial board for ten National and International journals as well as reviewer in many international journals in the field of veterinary public health and zoonoses.