Main Maize Research Station, Godhra



Research Activities

  1. Crop improvement: -
    1. To make further breakthrough in the yield potential of maize by developing early maturing, high yielding, biotic and abiotic stress tolerant / resistant composites varieties / hybrids for rainfed kharif maize cultivation.
    2. To develop full season, high yielding biotic / abiotic stress tolerant / resistant hybrids for rabi maize cultivation.
    3. To bred variety good in quality protein suited well to tribal belt of Gujarat, wherein malnutrition problems among tribal population exist.
    4. To produce breeder seed of released cultivars of maize.
    5. To disseminate crop production / protection/ improvement technologies through extension activities.
    6. Seed multiplication of different varieties on large scale to cater the need of farmers and various seed producing agencies.
  2. Resource Management: -
    1. To develop production technology of recommended composites /hybrids for kharif and rabi season as well.
    2. To study effect of integrated nutrient management in maize.
    3. To ascertain the suitable crop sequence based on maize.
    4. To workout the suitable inter cropping system in maize.
    5. To study the feasibility of organic farming in maize
  3. Crop protection: -
    1. Pest and diseases survey and surveillance of Maize.
    2. Screening of maize entries for resistance against diseases Viz. late wilt, blight, and leaf spot in maize.
    3. Screening of maize entries against stem borer and other pests.
    4. Management of pest and diseases through application of various pesticide/fungicide.