About us

Department of English, an integral part of B A College of Agriculture, provides a platform for the students of Anand Agricultural University to learn and practice English language, besides their respective technical trainings. We equip our students to achieve an effective competency in this competitive world. Our courses are offered to help the students in each class practice skills essential for the truly educated: to read intelligently, to write and speak clearly, and to think analytically.


The department has well equipped language laboratory with latest equipment and well stocked library with all kinds of books to help the students boost up their reading habit.


·     Teaching

1.    Number of courses offered in UG: 

1. English 1.1 (1+1=2) Comprehension and Communication Skills in English (B. A. College of Agriculture)

2. English 4.2 (1+1=2) English for Special Purpose (B. A. College of Agriculture)

3. AAU 102 (1+1=2) English for Speaking and Writing Skills (College of Agricultural Information Technology)

4. English 111 (1+1=2) Developing Communication Skills in English (Polytechnic in Agriculture)

5. 1. BSC 1.5  (1+1=2) Structural and Spoken English (Horticulture Wing)

2.       Number of courses offered in PG:

PGS 502 Technical Writing and Communication Skills (0+1)

·  Professional Responsibilities:

1.        Publishing College Magazine

2.        Assisting and editing other publications of BACA

3.        Editing and preparing write-ups for the various celebrations and occasions.

·   Cultural Responsibilities:

The cultural forum recognizes the diversity of cultures that make Student Representative Council (SRC) a true melting pot of ideas and outlook. The forum works to inculcate Gujarati & other Indian traditions, culture and values, to recognize talent and provide a platform for the students to enhance confidence and develop their persona. The forum works through talent search, cultural competitions, various contests, annual functions etc.

·          Managing Counseling and Placement Cell:

The Counseling and Placement Cell acts as an interface between the industry and the students. It facilitates the selection process of all the companies as per their requirement. The Cell connects with the corporates & organizations to provide suitable jobs to the candidates completing their studies from BACA. The Cell also conducts seminars and workshops to enable the students to become successful professionals.

·          Other Responsibilities:

1.        Conducting Field Trip and Educational Tour

2.        Working as an Anchor in various functions

3.        Preparing Press-notes and other Write-ups