Reproductive Biology Research



Professor and Head

Name of Professor & Head Dr. Ankita Killedar
Qualification PhD.
Area of Specialization Reproductive Biology
Office 02692-226689
Mobile 9898415488
Residence 02692-261486
Fax 02692-261486
Ext. 689
Email ---

Research Schemes/Projects

  • R. B. R. Unit, Non-Plan scheme B.H. 5311,
  • Strengthening of R.B.R.Unit, Plan scheme B.H. 10303-10,
  • Initiating research in embryo transfer in cattle and buffalo, Plan scheme B.H. 10303-6,
  • Study of reproductive efficiency of Surti and Marwari goats of Gujarat state, Plan scheme B.H. 10313.

Laboratory facilities

  • Shed for large animals (buffaloes) and Small ruminants (goats).
  • Well equipped RIA and ET labs.
  • Fodder farm for fodder production(4 acres)


Major Activities of the Department

The unit is working on different aspects of Reproductive Biology of farm animals viz., Surti buffalo and Surti and Marwari goats of Gujarat state; with special emphases on endocrinological aspects during different phases of reproduction. Study on augmentation of reproductive efficiency through management, hormonal therapy and other related aspects were taken up. Embryo transfer work of cattle, buffalo and goats have also been taken up. These all works are taken up as per the technical programme of various plan, non-plan and Adhoc schemes of GAU/AAU, ICAR, PL-480 (USA), Ford foundation, BARC-DAE etc.

Research recommendations made for the farmers (Approved in Joint AGRESCO):

Future plans/thrust areas

  • To increase reproductive efficiency of farm animals i.e Buffalo and goats to increase production efficiency.
  • To augment fertility in sub estrus/ infertile buffaloes by managemental practices and hormonal treatment to make them productive.
  • To increase kidding rate with reduce kid mortality, to have three kidding in goats in two year time.
  • To study factors affecting embryo collection and conception through embryo transfer.
  • Endocrine study of donor in relation to superovulatory response and embryo recovery in buffaloes.
  • Endocrine profile study of recipients.